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The Moviola

Blu-ray Review: Love Me Tender

Don’t judge this Love Me Tender Blu-ray DVD by its cover. Yes, Elvis Presley’s pained painted-in baby blues and slicked-back raw umber hair may give you the creeps and lead you to think that they deci...

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The Moviola

Clark Gable, My Passion For Living

Oh Clark Cable. I am writing this post about you and I hope fellow fans will read it so they know… My heart beats like a hammer and I DVR and I stammer every time I see you on TCM. I guess I’m just an...

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The Moviola

Film Review: 5 Souls

In your darkest moments, have you ever wondered what you would be capable of for survival? What would you sacrifice? Who would you kill? Well, in those few moments just there, you thought longer and h...

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The Moviola

Joan Fontaine: Hitchcock’s First Leading Lady in Hollywood

When you think of Alfred Hitchcock movies, what comes to mind? Knife jutting through a shower curtain? Cary Grant dodging a low-flying biplane? Birds, and lots of them? Equally iconic as these scenes,...